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Children's clinics in Switzerland pay special attention to prevention and other measures aimed at maintaining and strengthening the health of children. In addition, great importance is attached to routine examinations and age-appropriate diagnostic and treatment methods. The main concern of doctors is always the well-being of young patients.

According to the decision of the Swiss cantons, the treatment of serious childhood diseases and complex surgical operations will be carried out where the necessary infrastructure exists for this and many years of experience have been accumulated.

For example, the treatment of retinoblastoma will be concentrated in CHUV in Lausanne. All complex tracheal operations, which have been practiced at CHUV with great success for many years, will also be performed here.

Dozens of children in Switzerland need comprehensive medical examinations each year due to hereditary or acquired disorders in the immune system. These disorders are caused by rare, or orphan, diseases that affect a small part of the population, but their cure is so expensive that government support is required to stimulate research and create drugs. Zurich Children's University Hospital will become the center for examinations and treatment of rare diseases. The medical research analysis will be carried out by a team of 12 experts led by Prof. Peter Suter.

The Zurich Children's Hospital and the CHUV in Lausanne will focus on treating children with severe burns. All the necessary infrastructure and equipment, as well as many years of experience in burn medicine, already exist here.

Patients often turn to Swiss clinics in the following areas:

  • Treatment of allergies and diathesis;
  • Therapy of genetic diseases;
  • Fight against oncological diseases;
  • Pediatric hematology;
  • Treatment of pathologies of the cardiovascular system in children;
  • General and developmental pediatrics;
  • Correction of immune pathologies;
  • Pediatric gynecology;
  • Treatment of all types of internal diseases in children.
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The Children's University Hospital of Zurich is a specialist hospital and one of the oldest (founded in 1874) and most famous pediatric medical institutions in the world. The hospital is the largest pediatric center dealing with various medical issues, including cardiology, bone marrow transplantation and burn treatment. The wide range of activities of the clinic, covering 32 areas of medicine, puts this institution on a par with the largest children's hospitals. His main areas of work are:

1) Pediatrics with its specialized areas: cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and allergology, immunology, neurology, hematology and oncology.
2) Pediatric surgery, including: urology and orthopedics, reconstructive plastic surgery, burn surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, spinal surgery.

Clinic Sant'Anna is famous for its experienced team of specialists, the most advanced equipment, individual approach and first-class accommodation conditions. Recognition came thanks to the maternity ward, where about 900 children are born every year.

Clinique des Grangettes is a private medical institution with a high level of service, attentive staff and comfortable accommodation. The clinic is located in a green area near the center of Geneva. The Clinic de Grangettes has access to the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. The equipment of the clinic is regularly updated. The medical staff consists of more than 450 independent physicians and surgeons, 100 of which are in the state. All of them have been carefully selected and accredited by Clinique des Grangettes, which guarantees their high level of professionalism and experience.

CHUV Vaudois University Hospital Center - The clinic is located in the picturesque city of Lausanne, the atmosphere of which is conducive to the recovery of patients. Ranked among the top 5 university hospitals in Switzerland and ranked in the top 10 in the world by Newsweek 2019.
The cost of treatment in Switzerland corresponds to the quality of therapy and service provided by clinics in this country. The price is determined based on the diagnosis and individual medical picture of the patient, as well as his wishes. Based on this, each patient is selected each time by a medical team of specialists.

The treatment program is compiled individually for each patient; the cost is determined individually after diagnosis and consultation with a specialist.

We will prepare an individual offer for you based on your detailed personal information, current life situation, your desires and goals. Our possibilities in terms of meeting your personal needs are almost limitless.
Private and public clinics in Zurich and Geneva are ISO certified, which confirms their compliance with high standards of medical care. Some of them are members of the prestigious association Swiss Leading Hospitals.
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